Balancing your Life through Pilates Practice

Balance or Equilibrium is the ability to place something on the scale and to keep the scale even. If something is heavier, the scale will tip to the side of heaviness.

Why is balance so important? It is a predominant force in physics. The term equilibrium means something is at rest. Momentum is energy that occurs when an object is set into movement. If we need the object to go up hill, then we have to work to push it up the hill with  enough force .

When we talk about getting some “balance in our lives” many of us think that it is going to be an uphill battle, requiring some work to get to a steady; healthful state. What if we were already at the top of our game, and we didn’t have to go up the hill ?

As we age, many think that we are going on a downhill spiral . It is like going down a steep sliding board and we can’t stop .

We do have choices.

We can start working at the top of our game to prepare ourselves and be proactive.

We can maximize our lives to fulfill our days beyond our expectations.

I would prefer to take this route. How about you? 

What kinds of balance are we talking about?

Bodily balance

Ability to:

  1. Stand on one foot and put our shoes on.
  2. Stand on our toes to put a light bulb in the socket.
  3. Hit a golf or tennis ball producing enough momentum to get the ball to go far
  4. React if we unexpectedly step on something, preventing a tumble .

Mental Balance

Ability to:

  1. Concentrate on what is important .
  2. Keep our emotions in check; expressing them appropriately.
  3. Absorb and process information readily.
  4. Connect with people with a personal belief system

Physical Health Balance

Ability to:

  1. Eat a well rounded, healthful, and energy filled diet creating vitality
  2. Avoid catastrophic health events by monitoring health risks, and taking early action.
  3. Complete daily tasks without undue fatigue, or pain.


How does the Pilates Technique provide solutions to keeping the Body in Balance?

Joseph Pilates, believed that exercise with deep diaphragmatic breathing,  control, focus on form, symmetry, and coordination could bring the body back into balance.



Here is how the Pilates technique works!

Bodily Balance

Standing Posture with symmetry starting with the feet up.

Posture work with:

  • footwork
  • single leg support
  • eyes closed
  • multiple movements
  • functional skills


Mental Balance

  • Concentration on proper diaphragmatic breathing patterns
  • Rib cage expansion in all planes.
  • Contraction of the deep abdominal muscles with exhalation
  •  Continuous concentration on proper form and alignment
  • Perform opposite movement patterns  requiring coordination
  •  Use multiple body parts, in a progression of movement
  • Freedom and confidence to spiritually relate to others

Physical Balance

  • Greater efficiency in getting things done is a result of a well-running body and mind
  • Peace, Relaxation, and focus are enhanced
  • The Mind, Body, and Spirit, work together for total balance and equilibrium
  • Physical Balance leads to physical health and bodily organs are stimulated through exercise.

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