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Health coaching is a method to encourage you to start changing your behavior to reach your goals, maintain new health habits, and achieve your peak motivation. 

If you have made repeated efforts to change your health habits or are frustrated with a lack of progress in your health journey, speaking with a Health Coach might be the right option for you. Additionally, if you have chronic health problems, are getting ready for or recovering from a surgical procedure, need assistance with weight loss or simply need a boost in your routine.

Health Coaching uses patient centered biopsychological techniques techniques to utilize positive thinking to break through the cycle of limiting habits, negative thinking and fear. 

While studies do show that fitness trackers or apps are helpful in promoting wellness, especially for who may be homebound or have chronic illnesses, there is an emotional and psychological aspect that is missing and is sometimes needed to overcome barriers and enhance ones wellness.

While a doctor is able to give you information about your health care, their time is limited with you. Health Coaches are able to provide continual input and advice needed to make major and permanent behavioral changes in just one short visit.

To meet your goals, one should see their coach once a week for one to three months, or longer is needed. 

Absolutely! From Pilates to Physical Therapy to Health Coaching, I have experience assisting individuals from all walks of life!