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Below is a list of services provided by Best Self for Health and Dr. Susan Baver Mann. Learn more about each service and then click on Request Services to be directed to our Request for Services Form.

Private Wellness Coaching

Let Dr. Susan help you find your Best Self for Health! She will help you set up your SMART Goals, walk you through fitness and nutritional adoptions to help you reach those goals and keep you accountable and motivated throughout the process - all tailored to meet your individual needs.

Group Wellness Coaching

From Fitness to Weight Management, Motivation to Performance Enhancement, Dr. Susan will work with a group of up to 8 women to create their own SMART Goals and hold each other accountable over the course of the sessions.

Public Speaking Engagements

Dr. Susan Baver Mann is an experienced motivational and instructional speaker on the topics of health, wellness and nutrition. Invite her to your next organizational or educational event and she will WOW the crowd with her knowledge and expertise as well as her personal history.

Pilates Instruction

Let Dr. Susan bring the benefits of the Pilates discipline to you. From Diaphragmatic Breathing to Flexibility, Concentration to Muscle Toning, Posture Alignment to Strength Training, Pilates is a low-impact discipline that can help you achieve your fitness goals without putting additional stress on your joints.