Got Scoliosis? Then Get Moving with Pilates for Scoliosis!

What is Scoliosis?

Checking the spine for Scoliosis. Is there a prominence in the rib cage? Is it an S or C curve?

It is a change in the shape of the spine that can occur when growing up, usually at puberty, and no one knows why it occurs (idiopathic). Scoliosis can also occur with an injury or the aging process. For example if you injured your hip, knee or ankle, it is possible that you will put more weight on the opposite leg, and lean sideways. This could result in a curve in the spine in the shape of a capitol C.  The C could either face the R side of your body or face the L side of your body. The apex of the curve is the center portion where the curve is rounded the most. There are also S curves that can become more prominent during the aging process.


Not only does the spine bend   but it also rotates in the same direction as the side bending. If the spine is side bending to the right, then the bones rotate to the R.  When the bones rotate, so do the ribs. If the ribs are rotated then there is a prominence in the rib cage ( or a rib hump) .


So how does  Scoliosis affect the body?  A mild curve would be about 10-15 degrees, and a moderate curve 25-30, and severe 30 or more degrees. What happens to the spine and internal organs if you allow the scoliosis to worsen ie the curves get larger?


1.     The lungs can get compressed by the spinal curve

2.     Energy levels and tolerance of activity can be decreased

3.     Back Pain increases with prolonged standing or sitting.

4.     Clothes do not fit right

5.     Balance may become impaired


Not only can the curve get larger, but you can also experience additional curves in the back such as an increased rounding of the upper back (thoracic Kyphosis) and prominence of the ribs on one side, a forward head, and a hollowing of the ribs on the side opposite of the curve.


So what can be done about a Scoliosis?

Elongating the curve over a bolster

The curve can be arrested or slowed down in it’s development by:


1.     Performing  Pilates exercises focused on elongating and derotating the spine.

2.     Working on correcting your posture as a life long habit.

3.     Utilizing proper support when sitting and working on the computer

4.     Becoming more physically fit in all areas

5.     Exercising for life to keep the muscles strong enough to support the spine.

Stretching the spine.



What is Scolio Pilates? They are exercises designed specificly for Scoliosis using the Pilates equipment such as reformer, spine corrector, combo chair, pedipull, and Pilates props.

a.     The  exercises lengthen the curve and stretch tight muscles

b.     Strengthen muscles that are weakened or stretched

c.     Improve your awareness of and ability to correct your posture to make it more       symmetrical

d.     Use diaphragmatic breathing to improve expansion of the lung and lengthen the spine at the same time


Something can be done about Scoliosis. BE PROACTIVE and DO SOMETHING NOW! ENJOY Life and Be Active. Learn about specific Scolio Pilates exercises tailored to your needs.

Workshop: at Fitness for Life

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Wed Feb 15, 2017

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